club attendance managementAttendance

Keep track of member attendance
with the Roll Call function

member attendance recording roll-callEasy attendance tracking

Subsninja has an easy to use attendance recording feature "ROLL CALL" that you can use on your phone to take a handy roll-call at the start or end of a class. Select a group to bring up a handy list of class members, and with a few clicks complete your roll-call.

An attendee list is created at the bottom, which you can access at any time for reference or contact tracing purposes.

Via the ROLL CALL we automatically bill members who you have set-up as paying on a per-class basis.

Using ROLL CALL data we calculate a percentage attendance for members.

Via the ROLL CALL you can also 
(a) record a cash payment and (b) view the attendance log for that member if you click on the members name.

  • Record attendance
  • View class attendees list 
  • View a members attendance log
  • Take automatic Per-Class Payments
  • Record a cash Payment
  • ...and more