club attendance managementAttendance

Keep track of member attendance
with the Roll Call function

member attendance recording roll-callEasy Attendance tracking

Subsninja has an easy to use attendance recording feature "ROLL-CALL" that you can use from your phone to take a handy roll-call at the start or end of a class. Select a group to bring up a handy list of class members, and with a few clicks take your roll-call.

SARS-Cov-2 / COVID 19 NoticeAn attendee list is created at the bottom, which you can access at any time for reference or contact tracing purposes.

Via the ROLL-CALL data you enter, we keep track of and calculate percentage attendance for each member. 

If you click on a members name, it will bring up a function to allow you to also :-  (a) record a cash payment and (b) view the attendance log for that member.

  • Record attendance
    View class attendees list 
  • View attendance log
  • Record a cash Payment
  • ...and more