Tax Exemptions

SaaS club management software

If your Club is located in the EU we are mandated by law to apply and collect VAT (Value Added Tax) on our service charge to you and remit these to the appropriate tax authority. 


(a) If your club is located outside the EU, we don't have to collect any tax from you. (TAX FREE)

(b) If your club is registered for VAT, is in the EU and not located in Ireland, simply contact us and send us your EU VAT number. Once we confirm your VAT status we can apply a ZERO VAT rate to your account. (ZERO TAX)

(c) of course, If your club is registered for VAT in the Republic of Ireland, you can claim this tax back.

If you have any questions about taxes or anything else about your bill, just send us a message from our Customer Support page and we’ll get back to you right away.