One Simple Plan

month-to-month, pay as you go

 What you get 

✔️Refreshingly simple club managment.

  • Secure Members Database
  • Seamless Member onboarding
  • Credit/Debit card payments
  • Automated monthly/annual billing 
  • One-Click Class fee collection 
  • Dynamic in-Class Roll-Call
  • Progression & Achievement Recording 
  • A Great Mobile Focussed UI
  • GDPR level Privacy Compliant Software
  • Fully PCI/DSS compliant transactions


  • Friendly, Premium level Customer Support

 What you pay  

50 cent per active member per month
and a very low 1% transaction fee

Save big with SubsNinja

Start a 2 Month Free trial

  No obligations, No contracts, No credit card required

Clubs with less than 11 members can go FREE*
(*we won't charge a monthly service charge until you have 11 active members).

Common Questions

Monthly service charge & inactive members 

After your free trial, should you elect to continue, you will be charged a 50c per month service charge for each active member in your database. You will not be charged for inactive members.

Transaction fee
When your members pay class fees to you, 1% of that amount will be sent as an in-transaction fee to us.

Do I need to give you card details to avail of a trial?
No. We don't ask for card details for taking up a trial. If you want to continue after your free trial, you can enter card details at that time. If not, you can cancel, no questions asked. 

Can I cancel at any time?
Yes. Cancellation is entirely self-service, no questions asked, cancel at any time without penalty.

More questions?
We'd be happy to answer them.

Need Help Setting up? ...or like a walkthrough demo?
Send a message to our set-up team and we will call you back to help and answer any questions.