club membership onboarding


Getting members signed up

Getting new members setup for automated billing

Getting Members signed up easily and quickly is key to getting them onboard as billable members. The first step is to setup/connect your STRIPE account to enable monthly automated card transaction processing.

Onboarding a member

Then, when you have your new member's name and email address entered into Subsninja, you can, with one click, send them an email invitation from your SubsNinja account to complete their registration.  The member then follows the simple email instruction and enters their card details to pay for their first month's membership subscription.

Thereafter these members will be billed automatically on the first of every month until they cancel their membership with you.

Members Login Area 

All your members will have access their own login area, where they can:

  • view their personal data held by the system on your behalf
  • change their password
  • update credit/debit card details
  • access their invoices/receipts
  • and cancel their account.

In respect to good GDPR compliance, your members should be able to access personal data being held on the system, and have their  personal data deleted (cancellation) if they so choose. The member's login function helps clubs facilitate good GDPR compliance practice with respect to their use of the SubsNinja platform, as well as providing control and responsibility to your members in respect of maintaining or cancelling their account.