club members database Members 

Secure storage of key data 
on club members and guardians

club membership database app

Easy member management

A neat and tidy members database is the key function which helps you maintain up-to-date member data and view key performance information. 

Quickly find a member from the dashboard, view their profile, key account data and activity. The Member Details view (fig 1) shows key data at a glance with drill down available to more information by a single click. 

  • Member's contact information
  • Members KPIs
  • Members Account data
  • Members Notes
  • Dependents
  • ...and more

Label customization and localisation

Not happy with the system labels (legends) in the members' database? Then change them.

Prefer to use the word "Level" instead of "Grade" or the label "Medals" to "Awards" then change them. 

English, not your local language?  Then change all system labels to your preferred language.  ..have it your own way :)

Member Database Import

We provide an import service for anyone who has their members data already in a spreadsheet or export file from other software. As every app has different data structures, please contact us directly to arrange secure transfer of your member data to us and we will import it into your account for you. (Do not send private members data via email unless encrypted)